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eCommerce Fulfillment Excellence

River Horse has implemented new e-Commerce fulfillment technology and created efficient business processes to support our customers multi sales channel efforts. As more companies transition beyond selling their products through their websites exclusively, we help your business build its brand globally with reliable service.

River Horse doesn’t want to be just a fulfillment service. Our goal is to become a direct extension of your company’s e-Commerce operation. Our customers have come to learn how we provide end-to-end turn-key solutions to deliver products to their consumers cost effectively. Let us help your company do the same.

eCommerce fulfillment

Seamless Shopping Cart Integration

Our Warehouse Management System has the ability to integrate with a multitude of shopping carts, including Magento and WooCommerce. River Horse Logistics customers rely on this seamless integration to process their orders with speed and efficiency to meet consumer demands.

The Warehouse Management System also utilizes SellerCloud, an e-Commerce solution that offers synchronized functionalities of a multi channel sales operation. Our ability to incorporate this value added service gives our customers the advantage of hassle free order fulfillment at a reasonable price.

eCommerce fulfillment

Efficient Multi-Channel Fulfillment

River Horse Logistics understands that your business needs workflows to meet the increasing demands of direct-to-consumer sales, drop shipping, and omni-channel fulfillment. We’ve developed a distribution process aimed at providing our customers with maximum efficiency to ensure successful order fulfillment. With a concentrated focus on fulfillment and distribution, River Horse Logistics is well positioned to give multi channel fulfillment merchants the speed, service, and scalability they need to deliver a positive customer experience.

Our SellerCloud integration allows our customers to sell their products on Amazon, eBay, Walmart and many others. Increasing your visibility to consumers leads to increased sales, and River Horse Logistics is here to help you achieve that purpose.

Customers with an Amazon Marketplace presence can rest assured we have the experience necessary to meet your order fulfillment needs. River Horse Logistics supports Seller Fulfilled, Fulfilled By Amazon, Seller Fulfilled Prime and Marketplace Drop Shipping. We provide our customers with Amazon, eBay and Walmart related fulfillment and distribution support, processing thousands of multi channel orders each month.

eCommerce fulfillment

Optimizing Customer Returns

Customer returns, or Reverse Logistics, is important to the overall e-Commerce fulfillment and inventory control process. Customer returns are a part of life for merchants selling products online, and River Horse Logistics knows the importance of maintaining good relationships with your customers. Having a positive return process is essential in keeping them buying from you again.

We understand that reverse logistics is a tedious but necessary process, but when you partner with River Horse Logistics you will have the procedures in place to serve your customers the right way. We’ll help support your business to become more productive, leverage a surplus revenue center and minimize waste.

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